Fedex logo explained

You can see FedEx logo everywhere. The logo looks simple and straightforward. Probably you haven’t notice the hidden message though. Maybe at first glance all you can notice is two colors that stands out. And perhaps the bold typeface as well. Sometimes a company logo is more than it first appears. And the Fedex logo is the most relevant example.

The logo was resigned in 1994 by Linden Leader & Landor Associates. The FedEx logo features hidden message. It’s a perfect example of a negative space use. If you’ve never noticed the subliminal symbol hidden in this logotype it’s about time. You won’t look at this logo the same way again.

Hidden arrow in Fedex logo

If you look closely, you can notice a “hidden” arrow. So have a close look at the letters “e” and “x”. Notice the smart use of white space between them. The first original logo however, doesn’t feature anything like that. Therefore it is a whole new idea.
fedex logo history

Other companies use arrows in their logos as well. So arrows are omnipresent. However, this treatment is a unique one. Therefore I must say, that the Fedex logo definitely stands out from its competitors.

The right-facing arrow serves to symbolize FedEx’s speed and accuracy.

The arrow in a negative space promotes company’s fast and precise delivery service. It does so in an uncanny and subtle way which is rarely seen. The arrow represents company’s forward-thinking ways and outlook towards the future.

How FedEx got its name

FedEx was once a tiny delivery company. It was launched in 1971 with its full name “Federal Express”. The main reason behind the original name, was to associate the company with the U.S. Government. This helped Federal Express to catapult itself to the top of the delivery world. People started to call the company FedEx in a shortcut. So the company took it as a new name.

Now, FedEx is the most recognizable logistic company in the world. The famous FedEx Logo is a quality example of sheer ubiquity and inspiring symbology. Fedex logo won many awards for that reason. The logo imprints it’s hidden arrow on millions of unsuspecting minds.

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