It’s the beginning of 2016. I work as a full-time graphic designer in Warsaw, Poland. It’s cold outside – winter season. I remember as if it was yesterday. Was a cold winter and I was daydreaming about exploring some tropical countries.

Explore the unknown

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to travel the World for a few months. At the time I was happy with the position I held as well as the salary. The people and the culture made it a great place to work. I rented an apt across the street from my office which was located in the strict city center. I had less than 5 minutes to get to my office and the gym was right there too as well as all kind of restaurants. Very convenient. I couldn’t complain. But there was something missing.

Graphic Designer curious about the World

There was something I was always fascinated about. Other countries, languages and cultures. I wanted to travel to Asia because I heard a lot about it. So I packed my clothes into a small suitcase and hit the road sometime in January 2016.

So I started with Spain’s finest islands: Grand Canary and Tenerife. From there I traveled to Morocco. Next, I took a flight to Asia, where Thailand was first on the list. It’s a beautiful country. From Thailand, I took a flight to Vietnam, and Malaysia was next.

Arek Dvornechuck in Costa Rica

Arek Dvornechuck in Thailand

Arek Dvornechuck, graphic designer in Morocco

Arek Dvornechuck, graphic designer in Malaysia

Arek Dvornechuck, graphic designer in Vietnam

Arek Dvornechuck, graphic designer in Spain

Traveling enriches your soul

I love traveling (who doesn’t?) it’s an amazing gift if you can do it. It switches your perspective by exposing you to the unknown. I strongly believe that people who travel are way more open-minded, more tolerant, and in general happier than people who don’t.

These journeys allowed me to see and experience brands that I have never seen before. While in South-east Asia exist brands like 7 eleven e.g. – but Asians have their own brands and logos that are not present in the US.

Work & Travel

I wasn’t my goal to travel and work full-time while traveling. I think it might be challenging to do so. Especially when you move pretty often from place to place. Therefore, I still have been working as a freelance graphic designer while on the way, but my main goal was to enjoy the voyage.

There are designers out there who work & travel for months if not for years. One of them is Jacob Cass who decided to leave New York in order to travel the World and work online.

However, it is not my goal to travel now, but I would definitely would love to do so some time in the future. What I can say for sure, is that my next destination would be surely South America.