How Much Does Logo Design Cost [Price Factors]

Ever wonder how much a logo should cost? Or why one is dramatically more expensive than another?

In this article, I will explain what makes for a great logo and why you should invest in one. Moreover, its intention is to guide you on:

  • Logo Design Pricing
  • Logo Design Principles
  • Logo Design Process

If you’re a designer looking for a guide on how to price your logo design services, you should rather check this article, or watch this YouTube video about how to price your logo and brand identity services.

How much does a “professional” logo cost?

When you begin your research you might end up very confused as design prices can vary greatly. I have found the word professional in this context to be used very loosely and as a result misleading.

For example:

a Google search for “professional logo design” will yield results offering custom, high-quality logo design for as little as $5. On the other hand, top branding agencies can quote you in hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for a logo design.

Here are some examples of Logo Design Pricing:

How Much Does Logo Design Cost


I’m sure that you don’t want to spend too much paying for just a logo, right?

How hard can that be? – it’s just a small image or a word set in a chosen typeface.

So you asked Google to find out what’s the average price for a logo design. Perhaps you even asked: what’s the low-end versus high-end price for a custom logo? – So that way you can get a sense of how much does it cost, some sort of logo design price sheet…

What’s the average cost of logo design in 2017?

Well, let me tell you – it’s not as simple as you think it is, neither as cheap as the Google’s first page results shows you.

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In fact, the logo design process demands a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills. It requires an extraordinary amount of patience, an obsession with getting it right, and an ability to synthesize vast amounts of information.

Low-end logo design

Logo Maker

The cheapest option for getting a logo is to use one of the online logo makers. However, they only offer limited, generic icon and font options. Very quick turnaround time though. Cheap logo design will actually sabotage your business than do any good.

Junior Designer

If you have a few hundred to a thousand dollars in your budget, the best option probably would be to hire a junior designer. This is how much designs students charge for logo design. Find them on websites for freelancers like Stay away from logo design contest sites like 99designs.

Hign-end logo design

Senior Designer

If you hire an experienced Graphic Designer you’re probably going to get a pretty good design, and won’t have to break the bank either. Expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 and up on logo design packages. Make sure to find an expert in the field, in this case – brand identity expert. Look on reputable websites like

Small Agency

When you commission a logo design project you end up with… a logo! But if you’re willing and able to pay more, you can get more. Usually, this means working with a design agency. Which also means a price tag that’s $10,000+

Top-notch branding

Established Branding Agency

A professional branding agency is another option for getting your logo designed, and this often includes a top-to-bottom branding package for the cost (not only logo design package). Design agencies often conduct market research and competitor analysis to figure out how your brand can stand out in a good way.

Branding agencies employ creative teams that will approach your project from all angles, ensuring the work that is backed up with business data. This usually is a good option for established clients as well, Who needs comprehensive branding.

Who should I hire and why?

Whether you are a startup or an existing company that needs quality designs, hiring a freelance brand identity expert is the best option for you, because you are getting a high-end logo design for an affordable price.

A brand identity expert will provide you with great work for a fraction of the price charged by an agency.

Brand identity packages (which include logo design package) – prices start at about $10,000 with a small agency and are typically out of budget for small brands or startups. Therefore, hiring a freelance expert in the field is the best quality vs. price option. You will get high-quality designs, similar to the those from small agencies, but spend significantly less.

You have to consider the price factors that I will discuss here and understand the process itself in order to make a decision that will suit your needs. As you already know designers can charge you anything from 1,000 and up.

Spend your money wisely then. Understand what affects the final price before making any hiring decision.

Why does this matter?

Logo design is a creative service so there’s not such thing as a price tag for logo design. However, designers can give you a fixed price or a price range once you specify what you need.

How many concepts do you want to be presented with, how many revisions are included in the price and what are the deliverables are some of the price factors to consider. Particularly when it comes to outlining the scope of work needed.

Asking designers for a logo price is like asking architects for a house price. Where? Designed by who? How significant?

The price for logo design depends, of course, on many factors. Here are some price factors concerning the designer himself:

  • What’s the location of the designer?
  • How established he/she is?
  • Does he/she charge per hour or per project?

How good designer is, affects the final price greatly because he/she got the experience needed to get the job done well. Experts in the field of logo design and brand identity will leverage this experience for your business and address the challenges you bring to them with effective solutions.Logo Design Price Factors

Here’s a breakdown of the main factors to consider when choosing the right designer your logo design project:

  • Designer’s reputation
    An established designer with a bag of experience and some nice projects in the portfolio may have a higher rate than a fresh out of school graphic design graduate or an amateur fascinated by logo design.
  • Designer’s location
    This is an obvious factor when it comes to hiring people remotely. If you hire a designer from India the cost of living is not comparable to this in the US. Therefore, logo design cost in india is dramatically different than e.g. from United States.
  • Job type
    Many designers and design firms charge by the hour for their services. Some designers charge a set rate for logo design once they ascertain the scope of a client’s needs and goals.
  • Research depth
    The depth in which the competitive research and visual research is conducted affects the price greatly. You shouldn’t compromise on that as this is the fundamental step in the process of logo design.
  • Concepts & Revisions
    How many unique concepts do you expect to be presented with? Most professional designers won’t present you with more than 3-4 well-done concepts that were selected from hundreds of preliminary sketches.
  • Deliverables
    Clients may be uncertain as to what deliverables they want – what kind of designs they need. Deliverables may include multiple logo design lockups: vertical, horizontal, icon only, wordmark only with or without a tagline and of course different file formats. Moreover, with the logo, a brand identity system might be desirable, plus other designs for print and digital.

How can I actually use this?

To summarize, we can basically group all the price factors into two categories:

  • Concerning the designer himself
  • Concerning the scope of the work needed

Now, since you know what affects the price given by a designer, you should also understand what makes a good logo. This understanding will allow you to make a better decision on what level of designer you really need.

So in order to really use this knowledge, first, you need to understand what are the principles of an effective logo design. Next, we will go over the logo design process in details.

What makes an effective logo?

Designing a logo is considered as the quintessence of a graphic designer’s art. It’s the distillation of something big and complex into something small and unique.

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This often simple, little icon or wordmark must comply with some rules in order to work effectively for your business. Otherwise, is just a pretty (or ugly) image that won’t get you anywhere.

5 principles of an effective logo design:

Principles of effective Logo Design





What makes a good logo?

The point is to understand what makes a successful logo so that you know what you’re paying for and why. You must understand that the process of creating a successful logo is very different from that of creating a piece of art.

Here’s the deal:

Logo Design is not subjective. It is not yours, or your designer’s representation or vision of something, but rather it is something that stems from the brief and that simply works, not just look good.

An effective logo is:

  • Simple
    A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile & memorable. Good logos feature something unique without being overdrawn.
  • Memorable
    Following closely behind the principle of simplicity is that of memorability. An effective logo design should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple, yet, appropriate logo.
  • Timeless
    An effective logo should be timeless – that is, it will endure the ages. Will the logo still be effective in 10, 20, 50 years?
  • Versatile
    An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. The logo should be functional.
  • Appropriate
    How you position the logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose. For example, if you are designing a logo for children’s toys store, it would be appropriate to use a childish font & color scheme.

Understand the logo design process

If you spend money you may as well know what you are paying for. And most of the money you’re paying while hiring a brand identity expert goes into “behind the scenes” of logo creation. The execution of the concept itself can take 5 minutes (the logo alone).

If the process is done right, you will end up with a logo that you wouldn’t have to change for a long time.

Bear with me. I will walk you through the steps of logo design process that affects logo cost vastly but is extremely important to get the job done right and set you up for success.

Logo Design Process

Eliminating steps or reorganizing the process might present an appealing way to cut costs and time, but doing so can pose substantial risks and impede long-term benefits. The process, when done right, can produce remarkable results.

The process should go as follows:

1. Creating a design brief

Before you’re to see any logo design concepts, a designer has to manage your expectations. He will pose a list of questions in form of an online questionnaire following by an in-person or a phone interview. Crafting a design brief is a must to understand what it actually is that you need.

2. Conducting a research

In this phase, a logo designer will conduct some research to better understand your brand and your competitors. What are the interactions between you and your audience. This step is crucial to differentiate your brand and highlight your value proposition.

3. Brainstorming and Conceptualizing

In this phase, after digesting all the information gathered so far, it’s time to come up with some ideas that can address the design problems defined in the brief.

4. Sketching and Concept generation

Next phase is to create some concepts around what was learned so far. Here’s where all the information gathered and the strategy that grows from it meets the art, which is the intuitive exploration of conceptual design solutions.

5. Execution of the promising ideas.

Once some of the logo concepts are done, it’s to judge them against the principles of a successful logo design described earlier, against the brief and the strategy. Only a few strongest concepts will survive and they should be executed with meticolous attention to details.

6. Presentation of the selected concepts

After 3 to 4 logo design concepts were selected, they should be presented in the applications relevant to the business. The designer in conversation with the client, who knows their own field best, should review the concepts. All the advantages and disadvantages of every solution should be discussed, so you can arrive together at a preferred design.

7. Production of the final concept.

Finally, after the decision was made, it’s time to deliver the final logo artwork and everything that was covered. Whether it is a brand identity system, website or other marketing materials.

Read more about Logo Design Process here.

Hire a designer that sticks to the process.

If you got so far, you know what I mean by professional. So far, you should know what are the price factors that affect the final price of a logo designed. After all, you know what makes a good logo. Moreover, you comprehend the process, so it all can result in making a better decision while hiring the designer. But there’s a catch:

Process is the process but then you need a spark of genius.

You should know more now, so finding a designer should be easier. Choose one who’s already proven that he/she can deliver. Who’s work you admire, and whom you can trust. That way you can focus on your business and what you do best, leaving the logo design project to the hands of an expert.

And lastly, I got some interesting facts for you.

How much did that logo cost?

You might be surprised by how much these logos actually cost. However, consider it more as interesting facts rather than a reference by any means.

How much famous logos costThe Nike “Swoosh” is perhaps one of the most well-known “cheap” logos – costing the sports brand just $35 when a graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson, was commissioned back in 1971. One of the founders said: “I don’t love it… but I think it will grow on me.”

In 2001, oil giant BP commissioned creative agency Landor Associates, advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and the PR consultants Ogilvy PR to replace their “Green Shield” logo with the current Helios symbol and create a surrounding identity and campaign. The redesign cost BP $4,6mln. The launch? A mere $211 million…

What can I learn from that?

When it comes to the rebranding of an established company the final price is usually a fraction of the total rebranding launch cost. BP paid $1mln to the branding agency, but they spent a crushing $211 billion on the launch.

The execution of a logo concept itself can cost you close to nothing. What you pay for is the strategy and the expertise that goes behind the creation of a successful logo. It’s all the toil and hard work of a designer or a team of designers that gather together to solve a design problem for your business.