Designer that is going & going

My name is Arek Dvornechuck aka ebaqdesign and I provide businesses of all sizes with timeless logo designs that keep them going and going and going and going… so if you are in search for a long lasting logo design and brand identity system, the one that will take your business to the next level – shoot me an email to see how I can help you!

Energized and passionate about logo design

I’m the founder of ebaqdesign which is my design studio. I specialize in logo design and branding and I provide my clients with full a package of brand identity and web development services. People are more likely to buy from you if the quality of what you sell is matched, or surpassed, by the quality of your brand identity. That’s why its so important to have a coherent and cohesive visual identity whether you sell a product or a service. Logo design needs to be translated through all the channels and it’s the most important part of an identity system.

Logo design is about what works

Ultimately, you want your company to look professional and ensure seamless experience for your customers or businesses that deal with you. Therefore my goal is to improve yours business’ bottom line by crafting creative solutions that solves your problems and achieve your goals. That’s exactly what I do and that’s my pleasure. If you want to read more about me – ckeck the story of Dvornechuck here. I am passionate about logo design and I strive for solutions that are simple and intriguing. You’ll find me working as a freelance graphic designer in New York – US.

Long lasting solutions

Choosing a graphic designer might be like choosing a battery for your business. Accordingly, if you want your business to succeed you fuel it with top quality designs. We all know that in today’s world you can’t be truly successful if don’t distinguish yourself from the competition. You need to stand out from the clutter. You have to differentiate your product or service and navigate the customer to come to you. Whether you want to redesign your brand identity or you want to design it from scratch – it has to be done right and last a long time. That’s the only way you can build recognition and relationships with your customers for years to come.
logo design that keeps you going

How much for a logo?

I don’t know everything about price of the batteries but I do know more about how much a designer can charge you. I have over 10 years of professional experience. I have started from the bottom. I have worked as a full-time designer at branding agencies and as a freelance graphic designer. I’ve seen it all. You can spend $10/h hiring a junior designer on UpWork or you can pay 10x more for a professional service. As common sense tells you, if you choose to be stingy you probably will struggle to get the job done and you may end up spending way more money than hiring a professional graphic designer in the first place.

Anybody can design a logo

But is that anybody can design a good logo? As with the batteries, you got what you pay for. And you pay for the experience, for the skills and for the knowledge. A professional designer will take you all the way there because he knows how to do it. The most important fact is that he got what it takes to do it the right way first time. Ultimately, you will most likely hire him once to do the excellent job.

Logo design that actually works

I want to emphasize on the importance of good graphic design. There are many factors that need to be met in order for your logo and brand identity to become successful. I got what it takes to provide you with top quality logo design and graphic design services. Give your business a competitive edge and hire a professional designer. If you hire me I guarantee that I will design a timeless logo and a brand identity system that will keep you going and going and going… or you might want to swap the batteries that will never gets you there?