My name is Dvor-Knee-Chuck

Let’s talk about naming. Specifically about the naming in personal branding. Since I relocated to the US – I changed my name from Dworniczak (try to read it!) to Dvor-knee-chuck. Just to let you know folks, I didn’t change my name in the literal meaning. My legal name stayed the same and I’m very proud of where I come from. I just decided to americanize my last name in order to facilitate it’s pronunciation here in the US.

My name is Dvor-knee-chuck

People find it difficult to pronounce my last name (some of them don’t even try to). My first name is Arek and you can pronounce it basically the same way as you would pronounce Erick which is totally fine with me. However, my legal name is not Arek but it’s Arkadiush (from Greek) instead. But let me not make it more complicated. My friends, always call me just Arek (Erick) because it’s a shortcut of Arkadiush.

Erick Dvor-knee-chuck

So I kept my first name unchanged because it’s simple and unique. My goal is to ease the pronunciation of my last name only. The reason for this is that the wrong name for a company, product or for personal branding (like in my case) can suppress marketing efforts through miscommunication or simply because people can’t pronounce it right.

Naming is important

Let’s talk about something important now. I would like to elaborate on the subject of naming in branding.

The right name captures the imagination and connects with the people you want to reach.

Therefore naming a company isn’t easy like naming a baby. It is a strict and profound process. Often it takes hundreds of names to review prior to finding one that is legally available and works. Good names are strategies and need to be examined and tested. Various techniques must be utilized to analyze the effectiveness of a name to make sure that its connotations are positive in the markets served. An extensive research must be conducted to prove that there are no conflicting names and to make record of similar names, because names need to last over time.


Timeless, tireless and easy to remember.

The right name for your company or brand should be timeless, tireless, easy to say and easy to remember. It stands for something and its rhythmical. It looks great in communications, in the text of an email and in the logo. A well-chosen name is an essential brand asset.

A name is transmitted all the time in conversations, emails, websites, on the product, in presentations and on business cards. Finding the right name that is legally available is an enormous task and it requires a creative, strategic and disciplined approach.