100 Style Guides of Best Global Brands

100 Best Brands of 2018 by Interbrand (updated) and their Style Guides.

I have put together, for some inspiration, identity guidelines of 100 Best Global Brands of 2018 by Interbrand ranking.

Hoping it will give you some insight into the wide world of branding and marketing.

So if you’re a designer looking for style guides of top brands, you’re in the right place.

The list consists of guidelines, brand books, visual identity guides, brand usage guides and more.

The way you call it, depends on what’s inside the document, but in general they all govern how to use brand identity assets.

Why do I need identity guidelines?

The Brand Identity Guidelines document contains a set of rules on how the brand is presented to the world.

Samsung style guidesThey can be passed along to a web developer, web designer, interior designer or any other type of specialist who can see the exact color values, typography, and layout grid that are to be utilized in the content.

This becomes handy when ensuring the consistent use of brand assets.

Similarly, these guidelines can be sent to a printer to ensure maximum accuracy when the documents are printed, e.g. through Pantone color values.

Without further ado, this list consists of 100 top global brands along the links to documents specifying on how to use their logos, colors, typography and other brand identity assets.

100 Best Global Brands – Style Guides:

  1. Apple Identity GuidelinesApple Identity Guidelines
  2. Google Material designGoogle Material design
  3. Amazon Brand Usage Guidelines
  4. Microsoft visual identity guidelinesMicrosoft Corporate Logo Guidelines
  5. Coca-ColaCoca-Cola identity style guides
  6. Samsung - use of Corporate LogoSamsung – use of Corporate Logo
  7. Toyota brand identity style guidelinesToyota identity style guides
  8. Mercedes-Benz Guideline Brand CommunicationsMercedes-Benz Style Guides
  9. Facebook Asset and Logo GuidelinesFacebook Asset and Logo Guidelines
  10. McDonalds' Trademark Standards Reference GuideMcDonalds’ Trademark Standards Guide
  11. Intel – Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines
  12. IBM Design LanguageIBM Design Language
  13. BMW Design guidelines for appearance
  14. Disney identity style guides
  15. The Cisco Brand BookThe Cisco Brand Book
  16. GE Standards and GuidelinesGE Standards and Guidelines
  17. Nike identity style guides
  18. Louis Vuitton style guides
  19. Oracle GuidelinesOracle Guidelines
  20. Honda Logo Usage Guidelines
  21. SAP Corporate LogoSAP Corporate Logo
  22. Pepsi Breathtaking Design StrategyPepsi Breathtaking Design Strategy
  23. Channel Brand Standards
  24. American Express logo guidelines
  25. Zara style guides
  26. JP Morgan style guides
  27. IKEA style guides
  28. Gillette style guides
  29. UPS Brand Resource
  30. H&M identity style guides
  31. Pampers style guides
  32. Hermes style guides
  33. Budweiser style guides
  34. Accenture style guides
  35. Ford - Brand BookFord – Brand Book
  36. Hyundai Identity Design Guide BookHyundai Identity Design Guide Book
  37. Nescafe style guides
  38. Ebay style guides
  39. Gucci style guides
  40. Nissan style guides
  41. Volkswagen Corporate Design ManualVolkswagen Service Corporate Design Manual
  42. Audi style guides
  43. Philips Logo GuidelinesPhilips Logo Guidelines
  44. Goldman Sachs style guides
  45. Citi style guides
  46. HSBC Brand – Basic ElementsHSBC Brand – Basic Elements
  47. AXA Design Principles
  48. Loreal style guides
  49. Allianz - Basics Style GuideAllianz – Basics Style Guide
  50. Adidas - Corporate Brand Logo GuidelinesAdidas – Corporate Brand Logo Guidelines
  51. Adobe Corporate Brand GuidelinesAdobe Corporate Brand Guidelines
  52. Porsche Brand GuidelinesPorsche Brand Guidelines
  53. Kellog’s style guides
  54. HP brand identity standardsHP enterprise brand identity standards
  55. Canon Identity GuidelinesCanon Identity Guidelines
  56. Siemens Logo GuidelinesSiemens Logo Guidelines
  57. Starbucks - Identity and Logo Usage GuidelinesStarbucks – Identity and Logo Usage Guidelines
  58. Danone style guides
  59. Sony - Style GuideSony – Style Guide
  60. 3M General Guidelines3M General Guidelines
  61. VISA Brand MarkVISA Brand Mark
  62. Nestle style guides
  63. Morgan Stanley style guides
  64. Colgate style guides
  65. HP Enterprise Brand Identity Standards
  66. Netflix style guides
  67. Cartier style guides
  68. Huawei - Enterprise Business Partner Logo ProgramHuawei – Partner Logo Program
  69. Santander style guides
  70. MasterCard Brand CenterMasterCard Brand Center
  71. KIA style guides
  72. Fedex - Corporate Identity Quick Reference GuideFedex – Corporate Identity Guide
  73. PayPal Corporate master brand guidelinesPayPal Corporate master brand guidelines
  74. Lego style guides
  75. Salesforce style guides
  76. Panasonic style guides
  77. Johnson&Johnson style guides
  78. Land Rover - Communication GuidelinesLand Rover – Communication Guidelines
  79. DHL GuidelinesDHL Guidelines
  80. Ferrari Style Guidelines
  81. Discovery Channel style guides
  82. Caterpillar style guides
  83. Tiffany style guides
  84. Jack Daniel’s style guides
  85. Corona style guides
  86. KFC International Brand Identity StandardsKFC International Brand Identity Standards
  87. Heineken - Company Visual Identity GuidelineHeineken – Company Visual Identity Guideline
  88. John Deere style guides
  89. Shell - Visual IdentityShell – Visual Identity
  90. Mini Corporate Identity GuidelinesMini Corporate Identity Guidelines
  91. Dior GuidelinesDior Guidelines
  92. Spotify Brand Guides
  93. Harley Davidson style guides
  94. Burberry style guides
  95. Prada style guides
  96. Sprite style guides
  97. Johnnie Walker style guides
  98. Hennessy Guidelines
  99. Nintendo Brand  Guides
  100. Subaru Identity Style Guide

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