9 Best Cannabis Logo Designs 2018

  1. Leafs by Snoop
  2. Marley Natural
  3. Kiva Confections
  4. Wana Edibles
  5. The Goodship Company
  6. Apothecanna
  7. Willie’s Reserve
  8. Seven Point
  9. Level

For years, marijuana businesses never felt the need to have professional branding – it’s default cannabis logo has always been the green leaf but recently things have changed.

The growing marijuana industry means a higher demand for design services of a cannabis related businesses.

Basically half of the USA legalized marijuana for medical and some for recreational use.

Recently also neighboring Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use and become second nation in the World (after Uruguay) to make smoking pot totally legal for anyone.

Whether you want to get into marijuana business as an investor or you’re a designer conducting some visual research – I got some good news for you:

I’ve put together a selection of 9 best cannabis logo designs for your inspiration.

Marijuana Business Daily estimates that U.S. retail sales of legal cannabis products totaled $6.1 billion in 2017 and could rise to $13.7 billion by 2021.

That’s a lot of money to be make on legal weed, so you might want to start branding of your weed-related business in 2018.

Branding of Marijuana Brand

Various marijuana-based markets keep emerging, such as those within the healthcare and leisure markets.

But just like any other company, these marijuana business owners need to have a firm grasp of their branding and improve on their public image in order to succeed for the long-term.

Part of the effort is focused on making cannabis products more respectable and acceptable, and moving on from the traditional stoner image.

Design agencies and freelancers are being called in to create brand identities for all manner of cannabis products.

Branding a marijuana-based business is tricky, especially since you also need to overcome the social stigma that is associated with the product.

1. Leafs by Snoop

Leafs by Snoop – the brand identity and packaging for Snoop Dogg’s cannabis product line was designed by well-known design agency – Pentagram.

The distinctive leaf-based logo and luxurious weed boxes project high-end look & feel.

Leafs by Snoop is probably the best example of branding done for marijuana business so far. Not only because the mark is visually appealing, but also the packaging is very attractive and high-end.

Leafs by Snoop - marijuana logos
Leafs by Snoop – logo

2. Marley Natural

Marley Natural is more than just its selection of four branded herbs – it’s a whole lifestyle brand, with a line of hemp seed body care products and a collection of high-end black walnut smoking accessories.

The name as well as the lion symbol in the logo plays off the most famous weed aficionado.

Heckler Associates – a Seatle based agency designed the eye-catching Marley Natural logo and packaging.

Marley Natural - marijuana logos
Marley Natural – logo

3. Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections grew out of need to create an edible cannabis product that was potent, consistent, and enjoyable to consume. By teaming up with expert chocolatiers and cultivators, they’ve created award-winning range of cannabis chocolates.

The vintage style perfectly captures company’s sophisticated connoisseur angle.

Its branding was done by San Francisco agency MINE and reflects the company’s sophisticated connoisseur angle.

Kiva Confections - marijuana logos
Kiva Confections – logo

4. Wana Edibles

Wana Edibles believes that the responsible use of cannabis is a life enhancing experience and that the use of Wana’s products is the best way to enjoy cannabis.

The clinical look, no-nonsense design gives the brand a definite air of respectability.

Wana’s brand is built around the tagline ‘Enhance your life’ and based on professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation.

Wana Edibles - marijuana logos
Wana Edibles – logo

5. The Goodship Company

The Goodship Company brings to the cannabis market industry’s most delectable baked goods, chocolates, and confection. The company focuses on products that combine both a clean, soothing, uplifting high with a magically delicious taste.

The contemporary logo and illustrations of ships give this brand eye-catching visual appeal.

The Goodship sells quality cannabis-infused goods to more than 100 recreational marijuana stores across Washington state.

Goodship Company - marijuana logos
The Goodship Company – logo

6. Apothecanna

Apothecanna products are formulated with natural, nutritious ingredients to help balance the body and the senses. Its mission is to spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine.

The clean, modern, spa-like look and feel for their skin care line projects a professional look.

The products are named based on their effect and along with color coding each distinct line helps the consumer easily identify which product is right for them at any given time.

Apothecanna - marijuana logos
Apothecanna – logo

7. Willie’s Reserve

Willie’s Reserve is a brand launched by Willie Nelson, a musician known for his love of marijuana. This line of marijuana products celebrate Willie’s love of cannabis and the culture surrounding it.

The brand identity captures a blend of Willie’s outlaw reputation, his belief in fun and freedom.

When Willie decided to launch his own cannabis range he turned to Santa Monica agency, Rival

Willie's Reserve - marijuana logos
Willie’s Reserve – logo

8. Seven Point

Seven Point, the outstanding high-end Chicago based state-approved medical cannabis dispensary.

They provide premium individual consultation and a well-planned menu of medical cannabis varieties.

The slimmed sans serif type projects simple yet elegant look & feel.

The name Seven Point, which relates to the seven characteristic leafs of the marijuana flower, was La Tortillería´s cue for building the entire brand identity.

9. Level Blends

Level Blends is a California cannabis brand that provides pesticide, solvent, and additive free products.

All labels are printed on speckled Mohawk stock and feature pops of neon to reflect both the scientific and organic quality of the products.

There is a different color for each cannabis strain profile.

Users can easily identify the type of cannabis and tailor their experience better to fit their individual needs.

The Cannabis Logo and Leaf Cliche

Most marijuana logos have some sort of variation of the green cannabis leaf. It’s an immediately identifiable visual symbol.

However, cannabis industry has an image problem – there’s to many logos that use the cannabis leaf symbol.

It’s like making each barber shop look the same – red and white stripes.

While this is the most recognizable icon of marijuana, business owners need to set themselves apart from their competitors.

In order to do this, they have to find a unique and creative logo that is different from their competitors but still recognizable and relatable to their target audience.

The marijuana leaf is green and has 7 points, but that does not mean that all the logo should look alike.


A lot of marijuana growers are coming out of the woodwork and making a legitimate business out of the cannabis growing process.

Sooner or later, they will have to hire a designer to replace this default looking cannabis leaf logo and cellophane baggies with professional logo design and packaging.

The flourishing industry where a lot of marijuana growers are opening up dispensaries and cafés all over the states where recreational marijuana is legal needs to create a desired perception in the mind of customers.

Why does this matter?

The most important thing is that marijuana logos must be able to convey and match the business’ desired perception.

Here’s the deal:

Your cannabis logo & identity must reflect the company’s mission and vision. Who is your audience? What image do you want to project?

An identity for medical marijuana might present a totally different approach than the one for recreational use.

As with any other brand identity system, first you must understand what makes a good logo and what is the logo design process in order to design a brand identity that works.

In my opinion, the marijuana branding industry needs to move beyond just the basic leaf when it comes to logo design.

If you want to make your 420 logos stand out from the crowd, it’s time to create designs that are differentiated from your competition, attractive, and professional.

I hope you got inspired by the these examples of cannabis logo design.

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