How Important Is Personal Branding?

The importance of Personal Branding
Importance of Personal Branding

Why is personal branding important in today’s world?

Every time someone googles your name – what they see – is your personal brand.

Designing your online presence matters, so in this article I will guide you through the process of branding yourself online.

Personal brand – it’s the brand called you..

Many people have potential, but the way they’re perceived – they never get a chance to use that potential.

We used to count business cards – now we count the colleagues on social media and we sleep with our digital devices under the pillow.

Social media and digital devices have accelerated the blur between business and life, work and leisure, and public and private.

Colleagues used to exchange business cards; now, blogs are becoming mainstream for anyone in business.

Being authentic is critical because the web never forgets.

Who needs a personal brand?

These days, personal branding is a must for being in business.

So I’ve put together some personal branding tips for you.

No matter whether you are a corporate exec, a design guru, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a sales associate.

Everybody needs personal branding – we are all rockstars now.

We are all rockstars
We are all rockstars now thanks to social media.

Social media have made the world our stage. And the competition is fierce.

Just check these names – they’ve mastered personal branding.

Examples of personal branding:

Gary Veynerchuk

Marie Forleo

Neil Patel

Find more examples here.

How To Do Personal Branding

Jobs no longer last forever.

The number of self-employed individuals has increased dramatically over the last decade. A third of our workforce is now self-employed. And we are all connected 24h, 7 days a week.

The goal of personal branding is to answer these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Who needs to know?
  • How will they find out?
  • Why should they care?

Branding is building your reputation.

As Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said:

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room

So be who you are wherever you are. Be in the energy of the space. Belong to the moment and brand yourself.

How to brand yourself

You job is to do your job really well.

By continually thinking everyday how can you be better than you were yesterday.

Many people have potential, but the way others look at them, the way they’re perceived – they never get a chance to use that potential.

Don’t be one of them – take care of your perception and steer it the direction you want.

Stand out - personal brand
What’s your personal brand?

Okey, but what it is about the image that sets you up to be successful?

Let’s define what a brand really is first.

A brand is a promise that you make to your customers.

When you have a brand, it’s a promise that you make and are known for keeping to the person who you are asking or trying to influence.

Human being decide emotionally and justify logically.

If you have a personal brand, people are willing to pay you more for you product or service and argue less.

A brand always begins with your values.

What do you stand for?

Is it:

  • Quality?
  • Excellence?
  • Responsiveness?
  • Team-work?
  • Innovation?
  • Leadership?

So the first step is to be clear about these values.

Then, once you know how you want to be perceived, you can build a tremendous personal brand by starting with the principle of integrity.

There’s no better reputation that you can have, other than people who say that when they do business with you – you always fulfill the promises.

The answer for success is to do what you’ve been hired to do and do it now. This expands to every area of interaction with others.

Here’s the rule:

Everything you do counts.

Everything you do either creates and builds your brand or weakens and destroys your brand.

Personal Brand: 8 Laws
The 8 Laws of Personal Branding

The 8 Laws of Personal Branding

  1. Specialization
    You must focus your brand on one area of achievement. You cannot be all things to everyone. People have to be able to describe you simply and clearly to others.
  2. Leadership
    You have to be recognized and acknowledged as one of the most respected or skilled people in your field.
  3. Personality
    Your personal brand must be built around your personality. In all it’s aspects, including flaws.
  4. Distinctiveness
    Once you’ve created your brand – you have to express it in a unique way. This is were design comes into play.
  5. Visibility
    To be effective, you personal brand must be seen repeatedly and consistently. Just have a look at guys like Tony Robins – he seems to be everywhere.
  6. Utility
    You behavior behind closed doors must match your public brand. It’s completely destroying to personal brand to find out that he/she is mean to people.
  7. Persistence
    Once you’ve established your personal brand, give it time to grow. Stick with your brand and ignore fads, trends and changes – be consistent all the time.
  8. Good Will
    The more you’re perceived as well-intentioned, or embodying valued ideas, the more influential your brand will be. Have a positive personal brand that people look up to and admire.

First, ask yourself this question:

If 3 years from now, they were going to do a study on me and give a report – what would it be?

How people’d talked about me, my reputation and my position in the hearths and minds of others.

What words would people use to describe your super-brand?

Super personal brand.

The next question you need to ask yourself is:

From now on, what can i do differently so people think of me like this all the time?

If you was to remember only one things from this article – A brand is the promise you make.

If you interact with me, buy from me, do business with me, get involved with me and so on – this is the kind of person that you will get. This is the kind of person that you will experience.

Is it hard to develop a reputation for always doing what you’ve said you will do, no matter what?

Yes it is.

But think about the difference it will make in your life, not the process you have to go through.

People will google your name

People who have personal brands get jobs much easier, they’re hired faster, they’re paid more, they’re promoted faster than people who don’t.

Make sure the search results work for you not against you.

Because the first thing people do is google your name:

Googling you personal brand
Who is Arek Dvornechuck?

So take care of your reputation and decide in advance what people will think about you.

If you need help with logo design for your personal brand, social media graphics or comprehensive identity system – check my work.

However, personal branding is more than just the logo design.

Is the whole experience people got when interacting with you and how they remember you.

Did you learn something new Today? Are you going to use it?

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