Professional Logo Benefits Your Business

Is the logo important to your business?

Having a professional logo design, one that attracts the right audience and stands among competitors has real power.

Logos are used by every kind of organization in every part of the world, from international corporations to charities and from political parties to community groups and schools.

Logos also identify individual products and services and every professional logo is based on a well defined brand strategy.

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Behind every great logo design concept, however, is a ton of research, brainstorming, sketching and revisions to get to that great concept.

Broadly, logos are commissioned by marketing departments or other individuals within an organization and created either by hiring design agency or independent designer.

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well a logo is worth a million then!

There are different types of logos, but they’re all signs, marks of identity designed for easy recognition.

In this article, you will find out what makes a professional logo, how much logo cost, and how professional logo can benefit your business.

What makes
a professional logo

Logos do not have to mean anything.

Their main purpose is to be informative: to convey to whom or what something, someone or somewhere belongs.

Just because the logo doesn’t have to mean anything doesn’t mean it can’t.

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The point is to understand what makes a good logo so that you can judge your logo ideas against a set of criteria.

A professional logo must be:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate
5 Principxles of effective Logo Design
Five Logo Design Principles

We’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages or ads a day and each of them has logo on it.

There are different types of logos, that use different typefaces, shapes, colors. Some of them have literal meaning, others are more abstract.

The logo design process
of a professional designer

This is how the process of a professional designer looks like:

  1. Geting to know the client’s business.
  2. Conducting research focused on the industry, its history, and competitors.
  3. Conceptualizing ideas and making decisions on possible design directions.
  4. Developing logo design concepts around the brief and research.
  5. Selecting promising logo concepts and executing them digitally.
  6. Presenting those logo concepts in context of applications relevant to the client.
  7. Making changes if necessary, revisions and arrival on the best solution.
  8. Delivering the final logo artwork and identity guidelines.
Logo Design Process Flow Diagram
Logo Design Process Flow Diagram

Benefits of having
a professional logo

Logos and identity systems are of great importance for any business.

Logos have to inhabit a huge range of environments and branded applications, and to look at home in each one.

The designer’s skill is in creating a mark that can adapt and have impact wherever it might be applied, from posters, literature, websites and advertising to banners, bags, products, packaging, labels, receipts, uniforms, buildings and, occasionally, landscapes.

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All logos are designed to foster instant recognition, not by what they say, but by how they look.

They are crucial for communicating with their customers and potential clients.

Benefits of professional logo design
Five benefits of having a professional logo

A good logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of an organization.

  1. Makes a great first impression
  2. Gives your business an identity
  3. Connects with the right audience
  4. Projects a professional image
  5. Gets a return on your investment

A well-designed logo inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level.

On the sites like Fiverr you can find people who are willing to design logos for $5.

Better yet, they call it “professional logo design”.

Another way of getting professional $5 logo is by using some sort of online logo generator.

Logo Design Pricing
Logo Design Price Breakdown

Design is actually a service that is supposed to give messages stopping power and make their meaning and value plain.

As I outlined earlier in this article, there is tramendeous value of a good business logo.

In order for a logo to bring that value, the process must be done done correctly, and without cutting corners.

$5 for a logo design, even when outsourced to India, will not allow any designer to put time and effort into the design of your logo.

For $5 all you can get is a trashy logo that you surely won’t be proud of.

So cheap logos and logo makers go against the principles of effective logo design outlined earlier in this article.

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The $5 logo won’t project the right image.

Simply because there is not time and resources to create something custom, something that is actually good for you, not only look good.

If the process done right, however, design adds value and is well worth every dollar paid to the designer.

How much professional
logo design cost?

There are many factors that goes into determining the logo design cost.

How much does a logo design cost?
How much does a logo design cost?

For major businesses, the total bill can easily run into many millions, after fees for research, branding advice, design, internal communications and training, a launch event, press, PR, advertising and further research.

For small to medium-size companies the cost of a professional logo will be determined by the following six factors:

  • Designer’s reputation (portfolio)
  • Depth of research (process)
  • Job type (hourly/fixed price)
  • Designer’s location (overhead cost)
  • Number of concepts & revisions
  • Deliverables (scope of work)

Logo Design Price Factors

There is also cost of rebranding premises, vehicles and products, and the production of new stationery, literature, websites and so on.

Usually independent designers will charge you anywhere form $1k (interns/students) to $10 (professional designer) and more.

Design agencies will usually start at dozens of thousands for simple rebranding.

Still not convinced? – check this article by AIGA on what kind of logo you can get for $5.

Why cheap logo
will cost you more

At the other end of the cost scale, there are companies in the mould of Logoworks, that offer logo design packages in just 3 days.

With basically no research, no process, just give them your company name and a little info and that’s all they need to provide you with a logo.

A logo that you’ll most likely go to garbage anyways.

Of course you can also do it yourself by using some of the online logo makers or even run a contest on websites that broker design services like 99designs.

Read more about the reality of logo design contests.

I’m going to give you five simple reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on design and run contest or hire amateurs:

  1. Cheap design is risky for your business (copyright issues)
  2. Cheap logo won’t let you grow (subpar quality)
  3. You will have to repeat the process (and pay again)
  4. You will miss business opportunities (people won’t trust you)
  5. People won’t remember you or get confused (generic logo)

Is the logo important to your business?

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Expert are the least risky option, that’s why they don’t charge $5 for a logo.

The know what they’re doing – they create value.

Read more about why cheap logo will cost you on Huffington Post.

How long does it take
to design a good logo?

When it comes to logo design – timing is often a very important factor for the client.

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However, there are no shortcuts to the process, and eliminating steps may be detrimental to achieving long-term goals.

Why? – simply because developing an effective and sustainable identity takes time.

There are no instant answers, and a commitment to a responsible logo design process is imperative.

The length of a brand identity project is affected by the following factors:

  • Size of organization
  • Complexity of business
  • Number of markets served
  • Type of market: global, national, regional, local
  • Nature of problem
  • Research required
  • Decision-making process
  • Number of decision makers
  • Number of applications

In conclusion, understanding of the investment of necessary time and resources is crucial in the design process.

No matter how good your business is, if the logo doesn’t reflect who you are the company is likely to struggle.

Wrong brand identity will attract the wrong audience or hinder your marketing efforts.

Downsides of amateur logo
Five downsides of having an amateur logo

Five downsides of having an amateur logo:

  1. Bad first impression
  2. Inconsistent look & feel
  3. Doesn’t connect with the audience
  4. Doesn’t project the right image
  5. Hinders your marketing efforts

Your valuable time and money will then be spent dealing with the wrong people, which is a costly problem.

Or you will be dealing with no customers whatsoever, because your logo can make you look like an amateur.

Check top 10 mistakes when it comes to logo design on Smashing Magazine.

Designs is the result of conscious relationship building between unrelated parts.

Indeed, the quality of a design is determined by the quality and clarity of the relationships that unify or fail to unify the parts.

There are many ways in which you can make a logo look bad, e.g. by choosing wrong color, typography, proportions, structure, hierarchy etc.

Check some of the worst startup logos that appeared on Shark Tank TV Show.

Not only small companies with limited budget make that mistake.

There are many examples of well established organizations which logo redesign went wrong.

In my other article, I’ve reviewed technology companies from list, and I’ve put together a list of 20 best tech logos.

Their business thrive in big part thanks to great design.

20 Best Tech Startup Logos
Best Technology Startup Logo Designs in 2017

A logo can create expectations of, say, a new business or service, but on its own it cannot change opinions that have been already formed through personal encounters with the business.

It is the experience of individuals that gives a logo real association and real meaning.

Put another way, a logo is like a lens that an organization holds up to itself.

If there is light behind the lens, in form of outstanding products, a memorable customer experience and excellent supplier relationships, it will shine (like Apple logo) – the logo will give a piercing beam of positive associations.

If there is no light, there is nothing to see, and swapping lenses will not make a blind bit of difference.

If a struggling business changes its logo and nothing else, it will continue to flounder.

Amateur vs. professional
logo design

Customers make a decision on a business within the first third of a second of their first encounter.

Your business logo is the single most exposed element of your brand.

Logo is the first thing that people can see and sometime a well-designed logo is enoughhook a potential customer.

The color, font, size and style of the logo says a lot about a business, so you need to get these things right.

That’s why you need help of a professional who knows what he/she is doing and not only know how to use design tools.

99designs vs ebaqdesign
Logo design 99designs versus ebaqdesign

Truth be told, anybody can design a logo these days.

But not everybody can design a good one.

A professional designer will take the key values of your business and turn them into images that work.

Something that stands out, not just fit it.

A logo that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but also can work in any size and on any device.

First impressions are incredibly important in the world of business, so with the help of a design expert you can make your first impression count.

Why you need
a professional logo

There are plenty of reasons why you need a new logo, a change in name being an obvious one.

It may be that a company has outgrown its logo – the design has become misleading about the company’s range of activities or simply looks dated.

Intricate older logos can fail to produce well, especially in eletronic media.

Or there may be a legal need to change a symbol. (trademark issue)

The best logos are highly visible, communicating clearly and quickly.

All of this takes a lot of design explorations, revisions to get to that great logo.

Experts are the least risky options, they have a very clear process that gives them very predictable results.

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