Protect your brand from IP infringement

Trademark Guide empowers you, the entrepreneur, with step-by-step instructions of how to protect your rband assets like logo, brand name and slogan to avoid IP infringement.

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Hi! My name is Arek Dvornechuck.

I’m the author of The Trademark Guide, and I’m the guy who went from working at top branding agencies to starting my own design studio.

Now I share some of the agency secrets turning them into simple products to help you succeed with your own business.

This is my story.

Trademark and copyright your brand assets like a pro!

Should I wait to trademark my name until I have my logo designed?

How to be fully protected from another company or person infringing on your work?

Who owns the copyright of a logo? the designer or the company that register the trademark ?

What's Inside:

30+ Page Guidebook

The Trademark Guide gives you the tactical direction and clarity you need to register, own and protect your brand from infringement

Real Case Scenarios

We show you different option so you can decide which one suits best your needs.

Application Templates

Get templates, file for copyright/trademark yourself, and save money on high trademark attorney fees.

No confusion, step-by-step guide to trademark

$49  $99

Ready to learn trademark law?

With this guide you will learn:

1. Different ways of going about protecting your brand assets
2. Clear recommendations and directions on filing an application
3. Templates and visual guide to DIY and avoid high legal fees

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