Strategy, Naming, Identity, UX/UI

Branding for the digital automotive platform (MVP) that captures its simplicity of use and the “wow” experience.

Developing Brand Strategy

Ebaqdesign's Chief Strategist, Arek Dvornechuck, sat down with CEO Joel Vengo to craft the brand’s strategy for the new automotive platform.

1. Understanding the Users

Carwao is a shockingly easy to use digital automotive platform. To understand the needs of both, car buyers and dealers we created unique user profiles.

2. Defining the Brand

A series of exercises in the strategy session, allowed us to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defined the brand’s personality: how it looks, sounds & acts.

3. Prioritizing Goals

Finally, we were able to prioritize awareness, automation and revenue goals. This became the foundation for the branding and marketing plans for the 2019 launch.

Carwao is the new startup with a mission to provide the most compelling, fair and easy to use digital automotive platform. For both car buyers and dealers.

The Carwao brand image speaks to its name and is based on the startup's mission to provide 'shockingly easy' user experience and make both parties happy.

See live desktop prototype:

See live mobile prototype: