How To Write A Perfect Brand Story

Writing a brand story ain’t easy, but it’s a big part of your brand strategy, and you should clearly explain what your business stands for.

Best Brand Stories

  1. Apple
  2. Starbucks
  3. Under Armour
  4. Dunkin’ Donuts
  5. Kellogg’s
  6. Ford
  7. Tiffany

What is a brand story?

A brand story is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings about your brand.

A brand story must inspire an emotional reaction.

Your customers will be more loyal to your company, if they will understand in which way your products differ from others available in the market.

Before you started to compose your brand story, take a look at the best examples created by some of the top brands.

You can use them to get some inspiration and come up with the original ideas.

In addition, I will share a few useful tips, which will help you to understand how to perfect your company’s story.

Check my top brand storytelling examples:

1. Apple

If your started your company in order to contribute to a global mission, feel free to share your unique story with your target audience.

Emotional appeal will turn people into your brand advocates – Apple has an objective to help children to develop their talents and master new skills.

Share your noble mission.

For this reason, Apple has spent more than $100M on teaching and learning solutions and sponsored 114 schools since 2014.

Apple provides students with the gadgets they need for effective study.

Apple brand story

Investing in education system improvements, a company greatly contributes to the future of the young generation.

Apple tries to make this world a little bit better, so its mission is truly noble.

This brand story makes a user understand that Apple cares not only about the money, but also about people.

It convinces readers that they should respect the company and trust it fully.

2. Starbucks

What is a brand personality? This is a set of the features, which make your products stand out from the crowd.

Companies, just like people, are always one of a kind, even if this fact doesn’t seem to be obvious.

Showcase your brand personality.

Let’s consider Starbucks’ brand story, which starts with the words “set out to be a different company”.

It makes readers understand that this is not an ordinary café: it offers not only cappuccino and latte, but “a full and rewarding coffeehouse experience”.

Starbucks brand story

Story emphasizes a fact that even music, which plays in a store while visitors enjoy their beverages, is a part of the concept.

You should follow Starbucks’ example and focus your readers’ attention on every small feature, which differ your company from the competitors.

Don’t talk about the high quality or superior design only.

You should go into details and describe the uniqueness of the user’s experience, which you can provide.

3. Under Armour

Why you started your company? Don’t say that just because you wanted become a milliner – this is possibly the worst thing you can write about.

Tell people about your true passion.

You should tell people about your true passion, which makes your life meaningful and encourages to work hard every day.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with your customers. Share a story how you found your one true calling and turned it into a business idea.

For instance, a brand story of Under Armour is all about the passion for the sport and design.

Under Armour brand story

A business was begun with an idea to create a T-shirt, which would effectively regulate a body temperature and enhance performance.

The first product was created by an athlete, who understood an importance of the high-quality comfortable workout clothes.

This is a great example of how an individual, who had a crazy dream, fulfilled his ambitions and transformed the industry.

Undoubtedly, a brand story like this deeply impresses the readers.

So, if you want to amaze your target audience, you should also show your passion for your business and innovations.

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

Whatever you decided to write about your brand, you should think about your target audience first.

You should value your clients and their preferences and provide them with the products they are dreaming about.

Put the clients first.

You should try to complete a tricky task: to create a story about you, while talking about your audience.

Dunkin’ Donuts perfectly coped with this objective. It wrote a story in accordance with an unordinary, yet effective scheme.

Dunkin Donuts brand story

The beginning of every sentence tells about the efforts company puts into the needs satisfaction, and the ending of every sentence describes the benefits customers get.

You can also stick to this template to create a brand story, which will make your clients feel valuable and special.

Don’t hesitate to talk about the difficult tasks, which your company performs, because people are not always aware about your hard work.

This approach works great for turning your regular customers into the brand’s advocates.

5. Kellogg’s

Business doesn’t become successful and profitable overnight, and people know it.

You can tell a story about the barriers, which you overcame, and all important decisions you made to build a company you own today.

Be proud of your history.

Write about the failed attempts and positive results, which both shaped your brand.

For example, Kellogg’s story outlines the major turning points of the company development starting from the day of invention of the first corn flakes.

Kellog's brand story

However, this text is not only about a product, but also about its influence on society: “W.K. Kellogg, and his brother, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg changed breakfast forever”.

This is a brilliant brand story, which brightly demonstrates how company has been improving its product from year to year in order to meet the growing demand.

It also tells reader about the innovative ideas, which Kellogg’s incorporated to respond to the changing customers’ needs while establishing healthier eating habits.

So, if your company exists for 2 years or more, you can write a brand story like this one.

You can tell your customers about the most important achievements as well as plans for future.

6. Ford

Your staff is the most valuable asset of your company, so why don’t you tell about your employees to your customers?

Write about your employees and their common goal.

They have bright personalities, and most of them have life stories, which are worth to write a book about.

Tell about your brand’s mission and how your employees try their best to support it.

Ford Motor Company has a great brand story to share with the target audience.

Ford brand story

This American automaker is very proud of the people, who greatly contribute to the company’s success and make a history.

You should make it clear that all these people, follow their hearts and perform their jobs with pleasure.

Ford decided to write about its key employees, their professional experience, true passion, and major goals.

Customers respect the companies like Ford, which appreciate its employees. In fact, a story about people always adds a value to the brand.

For this reason, if you want to show that you care about your clients, you should demonstrate how much you value your team.

7. Tiffany

If you want your brand story to impress your customers, make sure that every word you use evoke strong positive emotions toward your company.

You should make people want to get your products at any price.

Focus on small, yet important detail

For instance, Tiffany built its brand story around its famous blue box crowned with a white ribbon.

Company emphasizes the fact that it’s impossible to buy a box separately from the product.

Tiffany brand story

This is a great psychological trick: people always want to own hard-to-get products, so it fuels their desire to make a purchase at Tiffany’s store.

Blue box is not just a package – this is a true symbol of the luxuriousness, elegance and exclusiveness that makes hearts beat faster.

Millions of women around the world dream to get not a concrete bracelet or pedant, but Tiffany’s box by itself – they don’t doubt that jewelry will be very beautiful in any case.

This is a reason why blue box is in the center of the brand story.

In other words, when you write about your company, it’s not really necessary to talk a lot about quality of materials you use and technologies you apply.

You can make your product different with a tiny detail such as unique packaging.

Brand Storytelling Tips

If you know your business and your target audience well enough, then you will compose a real masterpiece.

Check my tips to write a perfect brand story.

All you need to have is writing skills, creativity and imagination.

Keep it short

Even if your company has 100 years history, you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience with the tons of information.

It should only take customers 1-5 minutes to read.

If you will write text, which contains more than 2,000 words it’s unlikely that many individuals will read it till the end.

Polish it thoroughly

You write a brand story in order to improve image of your company, so make sure that you do everything right.

Get rid of the words, which have no important meaning.

Moreover, you should proofread your text at least twice to make certain that you have not made any spelling mistakes.

If your clients find errors in your story, it will spoil your reputation. For this reason, you should try your best to make your text perfect.

Make it consistent

Don’t jump from one topic to another – try focus on the most important aspect of your brand and discuss it in more details.

You should choose one story line and stick to it.

Otherwise, you will confuse your target audience and they will not get a clear idea of your business.

Add photo or video

If you want your story to grab customers’ attention easily, you should add some visual elements such as photos and videos.

Rich media will support your message and drive curiosity.

You can choose any visuals you like: photos of your products, employees, production facilities or even video of manufacturing process.

Translate text into foreign languages

If your company operates in the foreign markets, you should translate your brand story into other languages.

Make it understandable for your target audience.

Make certain that you localized a core message properly in order to avoid any multicultural issues.

You can check PickWriters to find top translation companies, which will help you to complete this task.


As you can see from the examples, there are many different approaches, which you can apply to write a great brand story.

There is no one universal template, which works great for any company.

Your business is unique and you are responsible to present its core message in the best way possible.

You should never try to copy brand story of other companies, you should write everything from the scratch.

This article was contributed by Kristin Savage. Kristin is a freelance writer with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. She nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Find her on Facebook and Medium.

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