14 Logo Design Tips [Infographic]

14 Logo Design Tips

What Makes a Great Logo?

As David Airey said: Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo.

Designing a logo is considered as the quintessence of a graphic designer’s art.

It’s the distillation of something big and complex into something small and unique.

Logo design is not about what you like or dislike. It's about what works. Click To Tweet

In order to design an effective logo, you must first know what makes one.

A logo is often a simple, little icon or wordmark.

But it’s definitely not easy to design one.

We live in an oversaturated world and designing something unique is a big challenge.

That’s why you need some design tips to judge your logo concepts against.

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Otherwise, is just a pretty (or ugly) image that won’t get you far.

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14 Tips to Design a Great Logo

I’ve examined some of the successful logos and came up with 14 must know logo design tips.

Check the infographic below:

14 Logo Design Tips
14 Must Know Tips To Design An Effective Logo

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